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“I’ve loved every moment of being a student at ChristCentral. I felt at home straight away. I found so many amazing friends, I felt so wanted, so loved, so supported, so encouraged.” – Rach

ChristCentral is a vibrant, Bible-teaching church on mission together across our city and beyond with the good news of Jesus. We love having students like you involved at the heart of church life — a place you can belong, bring friends, grow, get involved, serve, learn, be on mission, and call home. We’re committed to making disciples of Jesus on campus. Student life can be exciting and daunting, but also a key time in our lives, and we want to help you make the most of it and make these years count!

“I love being in a church which is so biblically balanced between the Word and the Spirit. ChristCentral loves Jesus, loves the Bible and teaches it well, and really allows the Holy Spirit to move and work among us.” – Aude

Sunday – expect a warm welcome, vibrant worship, Bible teaching centred on Jesus, openness to the Holy Spirit, and an opportunity for prayer and communion. Students get stuck in on various teams to make Sunday happen – worship, welcome, set-up, kids, and more (click ‘Church Life‘)! We’re committed to making it as easy as possible for you to be a part of what’s going on. Click ‘Visit Us‘ above to find out more.

Midweek – students take part in our Whole Church Wednesdays – meeting on Zoom for some time of teaching and encouragement before splitting into smaller groups, to hang out, laugh, discuss the Bible, ask honest questions, pray for one another and get to know each other. That’s where real discipleship and community happens! Sundays are busy wherever you go, so Whole Church Wednesday is vital! For details click here.

Extra – Disciple-A-Student, Adopt-A-Student, worship nights, socials, Sunday pub lunch, football team, developing your gifts, Commission Students to Thirties, Connect Festival, outreach on campus, media, Loving Our City, supporting the Christian Union…

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Christ Central Student Team 2021 - Lydia, Aaron, Olivia, Dan

Our Student work is overseen by Dan Knapp, Olivia Podd, and Aaron & Lydia Stead.

Aaron and Lydia were both students at Portsmouth University, and have stayed in the city. They are passionate about seeing students develop their faith in God, studying His Word and getting rooted in the local church.