Our mission is to bring hope and share truth – here you can find all the latest resources to help you engage with the truth of God’s Word.

All our resources have one aim, to help you encounter God, revealed to us in Jesus Christ who said He was ‘the way, the truth and the life’. Come explore with us…

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The message from our PO1 congregation is broadcast via YouTube at about 11:15am each Sunday. We’d love to know who is joining us, so please say ‘Hi’ in the chat.

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Encountering God with Music

As well as reading and hearing the Word, we can worship God through singing biblical truths of God’s Word. God’s people through the ages have been a people who sing! It’s something of the overflow of what God has done in our hearts (Luke 6:45).

Song Recordings from our Online Services

We have uploaded a playlist full of songs recorded for our Sunday Services – Songs that Help You Connect. We hope that this will help you worship and provide a source of strength as you hear biblical truth being sung by members of our church family.  To access, click here, or browse the embedded playlist by clicking in the song to the right and selecting the playlist icon.  Subscribe below to be the first to hear new content! 

Playlists for Worship and Prayer

In addition to YouTube, Paul and Katie – our Worship Arts Deacons – have curated playlists on Spotify which include a number of the songs we sing.

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Perhaps you just want some music to help you concentrate or pray? William Augusto has a great selection, which is available on Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music.

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Asking Questions? Finding Answers

Here you will find a selection of other resources which we have produced. We are working hard to produce videos, articles and blog posts to help answer your questions.

Can We Hope That Life Gets Better After It Gets Worse

A little while ago we saw the peak of the virus. We’re on the other side now, but there’s a way to go. There may be a whole host of new challenges we face caused by the pandemic. It may not feel ‘better’. Can we hope that life gets better after it gets worse?


We’re better off without anyone who would hold us back from life. In light of that, religious ways of life sound like unwelcome guests at the freedom party. Why can’t I live the way I want?


The question of suffering is tough to talk about. Not only because it’s so common, but also so personal. How do we make sense of our broken world?