Newcomers Lunch

Our prayer is that ‘ChristCentral Church’ would be so much more than a ‘label’ or what we ‘call’ our community, rather we hope that in our words, songs, relationships, serving, fun and work that Christ would truly be at the very centre of it all.

If you are new to ChristCentral, and wondering what we are about, you are invited to an informal lunch, where Tim or one of the other Elders will take everyone through the vision and values of ChristCentral Church and explain a bit about what membership is. In essence membership is about saying that you want to be considered as part of the ChristCentral family. If you’re interested in hearing more about the church but aren’t sure you want to commit just yet, this is exactly the course for you.

Do you consider ChristCentral to be the church you belong to? If so, we’d like you to partner with us through becoming a church member.