Micah – Who is like God?

We love Old and New Testament; histories, Law, poetic writing, and the Prophets. That’s where we find the book of Micah, the Prophets. Those who were charged with bringing God’s message to God’s people. This term we will journey through the message of Micah’s prophesy to the people of God, and hear what God was saying to them at that time. The books of the Prophets speak to the nation and the people to whom they were shared, but they also point ahead, to the coming of Jesus, to the fulfilment of the Law and the Prophets.

So how does Micah reveal Jesus to us? What does he point to and how does he reveal the Son of God to the church today? We want to be taught, challenged, corrected and equipped by the whole of God’s Word. We want to see the context of how God has spoken to his people in the past, and how he speaks to us today.

To accompany our Sermon Series, we have produced weekly guides to help you, and provide further study resources. You can find the introduction to this series, along with our accompanying study guide and Kids Resources, below.

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