Message: “Live Peaceably – Romans 12:14-21” from Fearghal Kelly

Message: “Live Peaceably – Romans 12:14-21” from Fearghal Kelly

Fearghal Kelly - 29/04/2018

Live Peaceably - Romans 12:14-21

Hallmarks of a Christian Community

From Series: "Hallmarks of a Christian Community"

The sense of being family has, over the centuries, been one of the most vivid ways that the church has born witness to the power of the gospel. No church has ever achieved this perfectly, for we are all a work in progress, however a true sign that God is with his people is seen by the affection and care that exists between its members. Where material needs are met, where friendships are forged and diverse groups are united in purpose and adventure. At ChristCentral Church we aspire to similarly bear witness to the transforming power of the gospel among us by how we embrace one another, irrespective of earthly definitions, for in Christ we are now 'one new man'. This series will focus upon the Apostle Paul's teaching in Romans 12, which is really where the rubber hits the road in terms of the difference the gospel makes in the lives of men and women.

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