The purpose is to make space before the Lord, to get his heart for our friends, families, colleagues and neighbours, so that we would be emboldened by God to share our faith, in the hope that people would come to faith in Christ and receiving the incredible gift of God at Christmas time.   

Blog Posts of Fasting

If you are new to fasting, we will be hosting a 4-part blog by Phil Moore, pastor of Everyday Church (Newfrontiers) and author of the ‘Straight to the Heart’ commentary series, which you can find here:  

Is God Calling Us To Fast (part 1)
Is God Calling Us To Fast (part 2)
Is God Calling Us To Fast (part 3)
Is God Calling Us To Fast (part 4)

We also have our own guide to Fasting written for previous years’ fasts, ‘Fasting is Feasting’. You can find this linked here