We are a disciple-making church. We believe that growing in faith in Christ is not a solo endeavour, the church exists as a family to help spur one another on in our journeys.  That’s why we have our Disciple-A-Student track. We want to connect people together to share life, pray and read the Bible together.

“…encourage one another and build each other up…”  – 1 Thessalonians 5 v 11 

The heart of Disciple-A-Student is to get students reading the Bible with an older Christian. We would love there to be a culture in our Church of people meeting to open God’s Word together. This is also a great opportunity to build relationships in the Church and to grow spiritually. David Helm says, “When people are exposed to the Word of God, they find salvation in Christ, sanctification in their faith, they are trained for effective ministry, and they find community…”. We believe there is power in the Word of God and it can transform our lives! So let’s get the Bible open!

Students doing Disciple-A-Student will meet up with a discipler for about an hour around once a fortnight. A typical meet up would involve studying a Bible passage and chatting through any questions and tricky bits. Then you will have a chance to catch up on how you are doing in life and how your walk with God is going and then finish by praying together.

We want there to be 1 hour set aside each fortnight to meet. A typical meet up could look like the following:

20mins of opening God’s Word – reading through the passage together and working through questions and tricky bits. Thinking how this applies to us now.

30mins to catch up and see how the past couple of weeks have been. Spending time getting to know how life is going, how the relationship with God is developing, and anything that is affecting it.

10 mins for praying and finishing up – arranging next meeting before calendars get full and it’s forgotten.

This is just a suggestion, feel free to structure your meet ups in a way which works best for you. DAS was run last year for the first time and we’ve received positive feedback, but I would welcome any suggestions you may have to build on this and make it better in future years.

Disciple-A-Student has a purpose at ChristCentral Church. It is…

… not a course, but a track to help Christians in the church share wisdom, knowledge and experience.

… not just chit chat, but intentional time together.

… not a counselling session, but a time to learn and apply God’s Word.

… not in place of Life Groups, but another opportunity to grow friendships with others in the church.

… not in place of your personal study of the Bible and time with God, but an opportunity to gain insight from others.

… not a lifelong commitment, but something that will help build lifelong changes.